Silverstone Elastomix


Silverstone Rubber India (P) Ltd, the largest ISNR producer at a single location in south India, are foraying into rubber mixing as a diversification exercise. The plant operational since July 2006,is located at the Rubber Park, Irapuram, Ernakulam District. The location of the plant exploits many advantages like easy access to raw materials, access to upcoming modern lab facilities offered by rubber park, uninterrupted power supply etc. Mr. K.R. Vijayappan who has 20 years of experience in the field, with his speciality being maintenance and production, an efficient and effective mixing of rubber master batches can be achieved.


The unit will have automatic carbon and oil injection facilities to enhance quality of mixing. All weighing machines will be electronic and compatible to a PC. Since 2006 Elastomix have installed two K4 intermix (33 rpm per unit) 20" open mill and batch off facility. We offer you an un-parallel quality standards which will be our strength and to your advantage.